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Witches Can Be Right. Giants Can Be Good.

We Met Al Franken on Independence Day!

Some REALLY great pics can be found here: http://ambroserossow.com/gallery2/v/2006/StPeterParade2006/

But here are a couple I had to share right now!

My husband, Al Franken, my eldest son, my youngest son (on my hip hiding,) me, and my daughter

Al Franken said (not an exact quote) "There is nothing more patriotic than to protest your country when you believe it is doing wrong." Damn, straight, Al. He spoke of our abandonment of Afghanistan to focus on, shall we say, other issues (?,) unprecedented tax cuts for the rich in a time of war, etc. He started out by joking about how he didn't really do much/like public speaking. ;-)

Al Franken's autograph to the kids, obviously. :-)

Al Franken was in St. Peter, MN (the town where I work, just twelve miles from where we live) campaigning for Tim Walz, who is running for Congress. He walked the whole parade with the Walz camp, as did we. He was wonderful (as is Walz!) and was running off the street to go up and talk to little old ladies sitting in lawn chairs with their lap dogs. He was truly in his element. At one point, someone yelled out to him, "Hey, you're funny!" To which he replied, "So are you!"

He was as genuine as you'd imagine him to be and great with kids!
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