dee30 (dee30) wrote in al_franken,

Jesse Ventura

I saw Jesse Ventura on Jay Leno not too long ago and he called Al Franken a "vagabond." He said, Al Franken doesn't live in Minnesota. 
But then Ventura isn't even living in the United States now. Is it me or does Ventura seem like a D---? 

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July 2 2008, 03:02:52 UTC 9 years ago

I guess most of my neighbors aren't Minnesotans either, but hey not living in Minnesota most of his life how would Franken and his supporters know this.

Ventura will knock Franken to third so fast you will hope Ventura beats out Coleman.
...Never mind he GREW UP in Minnesota, and spent the last 3 years there. It's not like he's running for a state he's never lived in much less grew up in.
Yeah, that's what I thought. I couldn't figure out why he was bitching about Franken being a Vagabond, when its just as you said....

Its interesting how he would even have an opinion, when he said in the same breath, "He was too busy these days surfing in Mexico."

I'm not that impressed with what the first poster wrote. Ventura wont be knocking anyone to third when he seems disinterested in politics, other than to voice an opinion. (Which everyone has!)